Here is an example of a vehicle inspection/estimate process.  The repair procedure could be delayed by several factors: additional damage, weather, availability of parts, insurance authorization, customer needs, etc.  Even simple repairs, involves many different steps from start to completion.

The Vehicle is inspected and entered into our estimating system.  This determines the cost of repairs.  Please note there is often hidden damage that cannot be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled

Once the estimate is completed, the insurance company will review the estimate and determine if the vehicle is repairable.  Once the estimate is approved from either the insurance company or customer. Once this process is completed, we start the actual repair process.

In disassembly hidden damage is often found, and additional structural repairs are determined.  In this case a supplement will be filed with the insurance company or on a non insurance job we will call the customer to inform and proceed in ordering the additional parts.

The required parts for your vehicle are ordered.  Although many parts arrive quickly, sometimes the parts are back ordered.  The repair process can not begin until we receive all the structural parts.

In the structure repair area, the unitized body is returned back to factory specifications.  A computer based measurement system is used to analyze the frame of your vehicle. This system monitors all phases and assures an accurate repair.

The body repair department replaces the exterior panels and all metal finishing that may be required. Sheet metal is installed and aligned and sent to our paint prep department.

All panels are prepped for paint, primed and then sealed for good adhesion for the final top color and clear coats.

Final moldings and detail pieces are reassembled.  The vehicle then goes through a system check.  Your vehicle is almost completed and ready for delivery at this stage.

After road testing to ensure everything is working properly a final inspection will assure that your vehicle is restored to it’s pre accident condition.  We then detail your vehicle as it accumulates dust from the repair process.

When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, the bill is explained and the final paperwork is completed. You drive away a happy customer as your vehicle has been restored to it’s pre accident condition.

Quality Auto Painting

We take care for your vehicle

andrea-quegan1 fire-truck-paint-jobDo you want that showroom quality finish? If so come visit Heritage Collision Repairs

When wanting the best, have the best complete the job. Heritage Collision Repairs offers you just that—a peace of mind, with showroom quality.  Our state of the art Garmat down-draft paint booth provides our technicians the ability to perform at the highest level, guaranteeing the factory OEM finishes while decreasing your wait time. We offer waterborne base coat processes which is designed to reduce toxic emissions and hazardous waste.  This technology offers customers faster repairs and turn-around time, while reducing our carbon footprint.

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Heritage Collision Repairs has been doing auto repair the right way for over 25 years, so you have assurance that your post accident needs are being assessed fairly, honestly, by leading professionals in the auto body repair industry.  We treat each customer and job the way we would treat our family, that’s why our customer retention is so high and customers are blown away by our work and attention to detail.

Auto Body Repair

We can fine-tune your car

Heritage Collision offers high-quality repairs and customer satisfaction in the auto body repair industry, that continues to make us #1 in the Central Michigan area.  We take pride in offering a clean, inviting environment and feature state-of-the-art repair equipment, expert color matching. Our I-CAR Gold technicians are certified and trained to work on all makes and models, and continue to participate in ongoing education programs on the latest vehicle technologies and materials.

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Sheet Metal & Aluminum Repair

For vehicles requiring sheet metal or aluminum repairs, Heritage Collision is the place to go.  We have the technology and training to repair both Sheet metal & aluminum.  Our I-Car Gold staff measure multiple points steamed from OEM specifications, giving your car that factory look every time.  Quality and peace of mind is our goal, so rest easy your in good hands.

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For vehicles requiring sheet metal or aluminum repairs, Heritage Collision is the place to go.  We have the technology and training to repair both Sheet metal & aluminum.  Our I-Car Gold staff measure multiple points steamed from OEM specifications, giving your car that factory look every time.  Quality and peace of mind is our goal, so rest easy your in good hands.


Frame Repair

I-CAR Gold certified Frame repair technicians

Car Frame Repair Options:

Man working at a body shop on a damaged car

Structural damage to your vehicle caused by a collision may require a car frame repair. Unfortunately, the process of straightening a car frame is not only difficult, but potentially dangerous. For this reason, our I-CAR Gold auto body technicians can ensure that the job is done with your repair. When dealing with a car frame repair, technicians may suggest one of the three following options.

Car Frame Straightening

Frame straightening serves at your best shot for restoring your car to the same condition it was in prior to the accident. However, bending metal back into alignment is no easy task. To ensure precise accuracy, Heritage Collision employs the proper tools to determine proper alignment.  OEM specs are used to measure the degree of damage, and our technicians are then trained to fix and determine the necessary amount of alignment.

Car Frame Welding

In some cases, traditional car frame straightening techniques are insufficient for proper repair.  One possible alternative solution is to cut out the bent portions of the frame and weld in new straight metal pieces. However, it is important to note that welding can significantly reduce the structural integrity of the zenegra at the weld points.  This can result in insufficient support if done incorrectly.  However, our professional technicians have the experience to provide the adequate repairs bringing your car back not only pre accident condition.

If you have some welding experience and are considering doing the job yourself, you may want to think twice. Your frame is constantly under impact shock and other forces that make even a decent welding job inadequate. For the necessary results, choose the superior expertise of a professional welder.

When Car Frame Repair Isn’t an Option

Due to the difficulty and high costs often associated with car frame repair, many auto body shops may simply suggest scrapping the vehicle. This is because a bent frame means that the car will never drive the same, and may have resulted in poor wheel alignment and structural lady era. In such cases, listing the vehicle as a total loss with your insurance company will likely mean you’ll be cut a check for the estimated value of the car. Hopefully, this payment will be enough to get you into a new vehicle.

After an accident most wonder if there car will ever be the same again?  At Heritage Collision we provide you with the peace of mind that your vehicles frame will be repaired to factory specifications.  With our I-Car Gold staff we take pride providing you with OEM factory quality on all repairs.

Our experienced technicians are trained on any type of frame, unibody or full frame,  compact, full-size, large SUV and full-size trucks.  With our well rounded and trained staff, we feel confident once you leave, the accident will be left behind you.