Getting Your Car Ready For Your Summer Trip

You and your family are getting ready for your summer vacation. Bags are packed, you’ve stopped by the corner store for some snacks and the kids are set up with a movie in the backseat. Did you remember to check your vehicle maintenance before you hit the road for the 9 hour drive? Prep your car ahead of time! We found a great article to help get you ready to visit the beach (the family, Niagra Falls… wherever the road and your car will take you!)
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5 Things People Overlook when Maintaining their Cars

Most of us know the penny trick to keep an eye on our tire treads, we also have those useful stickers on our windshields reminding us that it’s time for an oil change but there are also things often forgotten in vehicle maintenance and we’ve found a great list of them. It’s important to ensure we are taking care of these things, making sure we don’t overlook these common things can help us avoid problems in the future.

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Spring Vehicle Maintenance

car maintenance

Want to take a joy ride this spring and enjoy the sunshine and spring blooms? Make sure your car is performing in top-shape before you hit the road so you can focus on the fun, not the stress, of vehicle ownership. Whether it’s exterior work, some under-the-hood maintenance or checking those breaks here is a great check list on how to make sure your car will be performing to the best of it’s ability!

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